About the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

About Us

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) was formed in 1935 as a unified voice to speak on behalf of Canadian farmers. Our work continues today as a farmer-funded, national umbrella organization comprising of provincial general farm organizations and national and interprovincial commodity groups. We represent producers of all commodities, who operate farms of all sizes. Through our members we represent approximately 190,000 Canadian farm families from coast to coast.


Copa and Cogeca are the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU.

Together, we ensure that EU agriculture is sustainable, innovative and competitive, while guaranteeing food security for 500 million people throughout Europe. Copa represents over 22 million farmers and their family members whilst Cogeca represents the interests of 22,000 agri-cooperatives. We, the European farmers and agri-cooperatives, strive to deliver the type of agricultural products that our citizens expect and demand, with a market-oriented agriculture that provides the highest level of food safety, sustainability, plant and animal health and welfare standards.

We farm for the EU and we hope the EU will feed our future too!

What We Do

Our mission is to promote the interests of Canadian agriculture producers, through leadership at the national level, and to ensure the continued development of a trusted, sustainable, and vibrant agriculture sector in Canada.

Our vision is to be the national voice of Canadian producers — committed to enabling their success, which will benefit Canada and the world.

Our Members and Partners

Our membership roster includes wide range of producer organizations. Our principal members are:

Provincial general farm organizations:

Representing the interests of that province’s agriculture whose membership is open to all farmers in that province, either directly or through other organizations

National or interprovincial Commodity Organizations:

Representing a major proportion of that commodity in a region or across Canada

National or interprovincial producer-owned and controlled cooperatives:

those who demonstrate substantial involvement of producers; membership is subject to CFA board approval.

In addition, CFA partners with a vast number of other industry associations, think tanks, academic groups, and private companies on projects that touch many different aspects of the agricultural sector. Companies that connect with CFA on a regular basis are also invited to join our Corporate Leadership Program, which offers unique marketing opportunities in the Canadian farm community.

How We’re Working for Farmers

CFA aims to achieve a thriving and sustainable agriculture sector in Canada, which delivers real social and economic benefits across the country. We develop polices and programs through a grassroots, democratic process that engages farmers in comprehensive discussions, considering policy issues from various points of view. Earning and maintaining public trust in the agriculture sector, through our words and actions, is vital to the CFA and its members

Our objectives are to:


Coordinate the efforts of agricultural producer organizations throughout Canada for the purpose of promoting their common interest.


Assist members and where necessary, government, in forming and promoting national agricultural policies to meet changing domestic and international economic conditions.


Promote and advance acceptance of positive social, economic and environmental conditions for those engaged in agricultural pursuits.


Collaborate and cooperate with organized groups of producers outside Canada to further our objectives.

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